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Environmental Risk

Environmental Risk

Verisk Maplecroft’s suite of climate change, environmental and natural hazard products feature expert quantitative analyses and innovative mapping tools to enable the assessment and comparison of risks to supply chains, operations and investments worldwide.

Verisk Maplecroft's new Environmental Risk Dataset 2017 is now available

Verisk Maplecroft’s 2017 new Environmental Risk Dataset features comparable business risk data and sub-national mapping for 198 countries across 44 separate issues, including climate change vulnerability and adaptation, ecosystem services, greenhouse gas emissions, waste management, environmental regulation, natural hazards, and exposure and vulnerability to natural hazards. The natural hazards component of the Environmental Risk Dataset can be used to help business, investors and international organisations identify countries that typically suffer greatest losses from natural hazards, and compare their exposure and vulnerability to them.

The 2017 Environmental Risk Dataset provides:

  • A detailed, succinct and easy-to-use tool to assess, quantify and compare risks associated with climate change, environmental issues, and natural hazards, providing a basis for the development of monitoring and mitigation strategies
  • Country-by-country scorecards that provide quantitative data on environmental risks for 198 countries
  • Unique sub-national mapping of key risks associated with climate change, environmental issues, and natural hazards down to 22km2 resolution, allowing easy risk assessment for specific locations and regions. Each sub-national map is interactive, and enables users to pinpoint risks across their portfolio of assets, operations and supply chains.
  • The ability to analyse and download climate change, environmental and natural hazard data for every country
  • The ability to view, download and print country scorecards, plus indices, maps and graphics

More substantive analyses are available through Verisk Maplecroft's country briefings, commodity reports and in-depth environmental reports. These can be tailored to a client's needs for any country, sector or issue.

Pricing details for the Environmental Risk Dataset 2017 and associated products can be requested by emailing