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Investment decision-making

Investment decision-making

Our global and country risks research is a critical component of investment decision-making. It is used by banks to inform loan conditionality, by extractives and other clients to mitigate operational risks in high risk geographies and by retail brands to protect their supply chains.

Intelligence includes more than 110 risk indices and 520 indicators covering all areas of political risk, human rights, climate change as well as societal and other risks including pandemics, food, energy and water security. Risk indices and indicators are combined with detailed country analysis, stakeholder viewpoints and case studies of business engagement in either 3-10 page country briefings or in depth 25+ page country reports.

Deliverables can be either “off-the-shelf” or tailored to address specific client requirements. All products are presented in a unique visually compelling format including interactive maps and other presentation devices to facilitate quick identification of risks. Detailed case studies of best practices, lists of references and other sources are provided.

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