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Universities and schools

Universities and schools

Some of the world's leading universities use Maplecroft's tailored educational products.

We deliver academic quality research across 500 risks and issues, covering the key areas of political risk, human rights, climate change, the legal and regulatory environment, health, and economic risks.

Our data is converted into comparable country scorecards and state-of-the-art GIS maps, which introduce investigative learning for school age students and easy-to-use research tools for more advanced academics.

The range of material available makes the service a valuable aid to research for many education departments including: geography, international development, politics, business, economics, international affairs, environmental science, law and human rights.

A full subscription provides access to the following resources on an institution wide basis. Alternatively individual reports or items can be purchased.

Maps and indices: Analyse and compare over 160 global risks at regional, country and site specific levels.

Global Risks Atlas: Quantitative and qualitative review of key global risks in 36 indices for 179 countries.

Political Risk Atlas: Dynamic and structural political risks for 197 countries across 50 risk indices.

Legal and Regulatory Environment Atlas: 21 risks indices across 173 countries enabling the comparison of legal and regulatory risks worldwide.

Human Rights Risk Atlas: Annual assessment of human rights risk for 197 countries across 31 indices.

Climate Change Risk Atlas: Global analysis of climate change vulnerability, emissions, energy use and regulation, biodiversity and water issues.

Natural Hazards Risk Atlas: Analysis of 12 natural hazards, as well as economic exposure and socio-economic resilience to natural hazard risks for 197 countries.

Access includes supporting materials: country rankings, map keys, sources, stakeholder viewpoints and 100s of case studies.

Discounts are offered and prices are available on request:


  • Please contact your librarian and ask them to enquire about our education subscription service.


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