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Human Rights Due Diligence Dashboard

The Human Rights Due Diligence Dashboard™ helps companies assess, prioritise, monitor and manage areas of their value chain where the risk of human rights violations, or complicity in them, is highest. Users can input company locations to generate scorecards and interactive maps that facilitate horizon scanning, scenario planning and trend analysis.

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Natural Hazard Risk Atlas 2013

Maplecroft’s Natural Hazards Risk Atlas 2013 is designed to help business, investors and international organisations compare the risks of natural hazards within 197 countries and assess their resilience during and after the occurrence of a natural hazard. The Atlas includes indices and interactive subnational maps of 12 natural hazard risks, as well as scorecards for all countries. In addition, the Atlas also measures countries’ overall economic exposure and socio-economic resilience to natural hazards.

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Growth Markets Atlas 2013

The Growth Markets Atlas provides an evaluation of economic performance, investment conduciveness, recent structural reforms and projected future demographic trends - including growth of middle class consumers - in 173 countries. Maplecroft divides its scoring across three pillars evaluating Growth Performance, Growth Environment and Growth Potential. Each country is assessed based on 17 key risk indices to evaluate whether its economy is likely to outperform in the future.

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Global Risks Atlas 2013

The Global Risks Atlas 2013 assesses strategic risks that impact the global value chains of business, as well as the ability of national institutions to mitigate them. The Atlas includes 36 risk indices and interactive maps assessing exposure to five key global risks: macroeconomics; security risk; resource security; climate change; and pandemics; as well as two resilience factors: governance risks and societal resilience.

In so doing the Atlas examines the vulnerability of 179 countries to global risks. The vulnerability of countries is not just a product of risk exposure but also preparedness and resilience – for any business monitoring global risks this is critical to ensure profitable investments and maintaining business continuity, as well as a good reputation.

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Political Risk Atlas 2013

The Political Risk Atlas 2013 provides a comprehensive appraisal of ‘dynamic’ and ‘structural’ risks. Dynamic risks are those which change rapidly over a relatively short period (the next few quarters) and include political violence, business and macroeconomic risks and the degree of good governance. Structural risks, by contrast, are those that evolve incrementally over time and which are ingrained features of a country or society. The Atlas assesses, quantifies, compares and monitors political risks and responsibilities in 197 countries around the world with scorecards for each country and maps for each issue. These include sub national maps for countries where conflict and terrorism represents extreme risk.

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Legal and Regulatory Environment Risk Atlas 2013

Maplecroft’s Legal and Regulatory Environment Risk Atlas 2013 is an ideal tool to help businesses, investors and international organisations to assess, quantify, compare and monitor legal and regulatory risks and develop strategies to mitigate them.

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Human Rights Risk Atlas 2013

Maplecroft’s Human Rights Risk Atlas 2013 is designed to help business, investors and international organisations assess, compare and monitor human rights risk across all countries. The Atlas includes interactive maps and indices for 31 human rights categories and scorecards for 197 countries covering human security, labour rights and protection, civil and political rights and access to remedy. It also features sub-national mapping of human rights violations and human security incidents down to site-specific levels worldwide.

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Climate Change and Environmental Risk Atlas 2013

Maplecroft’s Climate Change and Environmental Risk Atlas 2013 provides analysis of the key risks to business in the areas of climate change vulnerability and adaption; emissions and energy use; environmental regulation; and ecosystem services. The Atlas includes interactive maps and indices to enable the identification, evaluation and comparison of climate change and environmental risks, whilst subnational indices focusing on exposure, sensitivity, forests, top soil degradation and water stress pinpoint risk vulnerability down to a 25km² scale.

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Cycle 3 results launched 23/04/12

Rating of 360 top US companies on climate innovation

The three Maplecroft Climate Innovation Indexes (CIIs) provide investors and stakeholders with insight into the activities of leading US companies and address the compelling case for climate-related innovation and carbon management as leading indicators of future financial performance. The CIIs provide asset managers with reliable and objective benchmarks to help manage sustainability portfolios and/or create innovative and high-performing tradable indexes.

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ESG Atlas and Risk Calculator

Maplecroft’s ESG Atlas and Risk Calculator evaluates and calculates country-level environmental, social & governance risks and responsibilities. Users can select from 49 ESG risk indices to generate their own country scorecards and a custom ESG dashboard for countries of interest. A central feature of the tool is that it enables investors and sustainability professionals to apply their own weightings to risk indices (in addition to the Maplecroft default settings) according to investment or stakeholder priorities and their risk appetite.

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The Risk Calculator enables users to build instant risk profiles for operations, supply chains, distribution networks and investment portfolios. It draws on our vault of more than 500 political, economic, social and environmental risk indices and indicators to create bespoke country risk scorecards and maps for any country worldwide. Custom versions of the Risk Calculator include the ability to overlay multiple layers of company and supplier risk management information, sector risk scores, product risk scores, spend or revenue information and even stakeholder viewpoints.

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