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Company reports include:

  • Analysis of company risk exposure using Verisk Maplecroft’s 160+ country and sector risk indices. This includes political, legal, human rights, environmental and natural hazards risks globally across a company’s own operations, its supply chains and distribution networks and even markets (on request)
  • Bespoke global, national and sub-national maps of company operations showing locations – to site level – with high exposure to the above risks, with added ability to focus on business continuity issues such as terrorism and conflict, labour rights and protection, natural hazards and corruption
  • Quantitative company ratings typically aligned with the four main areas of the UN Global Compact Ten Principles: human rights, labour standards, environment and anti-corruption. This includes focus on sector-specific issues e.g. security services and human rights and resettlement in our mining sector reports
  • Our existing and tested Human Rights Benchmark and Climate Innovation Index methodologies that are based on management systems approaches as well as best practice standards i.e. SA 8000, ISO 14001, ISO 26000, Global Reporting Initiative etc. Our analysis allows comparison within and across sectors
  • In-depth analysis of an individual company’s ESG and political risk exposure and corresponding risk management proficiency; through an assessment of publicly available information, third party sources, news-feeds as well as in-field contacts where relevant and feasible
  • An assessment of stakeholder views (e.g. government, business, NGO, media and on-the-ground sources), including, where required, engagement with specific/named stakeholders to provide insight into how a company is viewed by external audiences
  • Insight into key recent events and their implications for business, providing examples of relevant risks and emerging trends within sectors and countries in which the company has operations, supply chains and distribution networks
  • Direct engagement (depending on confidentiality requirements) with the company to assess risk management practices, identify work in progress and innovation not in the public domain
  • Peer review to compare a company’s ESG exposure and management proficiency with that of competitors or peers in the same sector or potential partners

Measuring risk exposure, risk
management proficiency and performance

Verisk Maplecroft’s Company Reports are unique in the range of resources and tools used in our evaluation. Each report provides insight into ESG and political risk exposure and corresponding risk management, drawing on Verisk Maplecroft’s mapping competencies, quantitative country risk indices, proprietary company rating methodologies and sector knowledge as well as an in-house country and issue expertise.

Our reports are broader than the typical ESG analysis as they also include all applicable elements of political risk, all aspects of societal and human rights risk (including security services and human rights and resettlement where relevant) as well as natural hazards risks. These principles have been applied to our universe of ratings covering key emerging economy companies and the largest global businesses. Verisk Maplecroft usually works on company ratings and associated in-depth company reports on a bespoke basis. All work is completed by an experienced team of social and environmental auditors and analysts with in-field and operational knowledge.

Navigating risks in new
growth environments

Rigorous evaluation of ESG and political risk management performance and the analysis of external sources of information, mean that Verisk Maplecroft’s Company Reports identify and highlight areas requiring further engagement and improvement. Benchmarking a company’s risk management proficiency against that of selected peers and best practice also allows insight into those organisations that are most innovative, best placed to navigate risk in the emerging markets and take advantage of new economic growth environments.

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