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Products and services

Verisk Maplecroft’s multi-award-winning products and services combine expert analysis of risks at local, country, issue, and sector level, with rigorously researched quantitative risk indices and state-of-the-art mapping technology.

These resources provide horizon scanning solutions that enable global organisations to identify, monitor, forecast and mitigate the full range of extra-financial risks to their operations, investments and supply chains.

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  • Global Risks Forecast

    Verisk Maplecroft's Global Risks Forecast™ is a world leading daily analysis and forecasting service that delivers critical insight into the issues that really count.

    Subscribers will benefit from the insights of Verisk Maplecroft’s senior analysts, as they cut through complex issues to look at the drivers of global risk and opportunity, as well as at the trajectories of countries and future scenarios that can affect the investment climate.

  • Indices and maps

    200+ risk indices and interactive maps evaluating the key political, economic, societal and environmental risks for all countries down to subnational levels.

    Coverage includes risks as far reaching as terrorism; conflict; regime stability; rule of law; resource security; corruption; human rights; resource security; climate change vulnerability, labour rights; emissions; water stress and natural hazards.

  • Risk Atlases

    Verisk Maplecroft’s extensive portfolio of indices, maps and scorecards can be accessed through seven thematic Risk Atlases, which aggregate key issues and analysis for all countries.

    Risk Atlases are updated annually and also include methodologies, weightings, data sources and analysis of key risks and the risk landscape for the year ahead. Interactive sub-national and national maps are provided for each index to enable the easy identification and comparison of risk worldwide.

  • Reports, analysis and scorecards

    Verisk Maplecroft produces highly specialised reports and analysis to provide vital insights into the key risks affecting multinational companies, governments and NGOs. They have been developed to enable organisations to monitor and manage the full spectrum of operational and reputational risks across their global operations, supply chains and investments.

    Reports, briefings and monitors are available for all countries and can be produced to a client’s requirements to include sector analysis and subnational GIS derived maps, which identify risks to individual assets, such as pipelines, manufacturing zones. Country scorecards, meanwhile, draw from Verisk Maplecroft’s portfolio of risk indices to offer comparable risk profiles covering over 200 issues and all countries.

  • Risk calculators and dashboards

    Our unique vault of global risk analytics and technology innovations enable us to develop ground-breaking risk management solutions. This includes a suite of fully customisable Interactive Dashboards and Risk Calculators.

    These solutions align Verisk Maplecroft’s proprietary analytics with insight into company footprints and materiality to deliver a successful, logical and cost-efficient approach to assessing and mitigating risk from market entry to project development, operation and closure.

  • Webinar series

    We run an active series of webinars to build awareness of the political, governance, social, humanitarian and environmental risks impacting the global business environment. During each session, our analysts will present an overview of Verisk Maplecroft's research findings, and discuss implications for business and recommended actions.