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Moving beyond business continuity

Your business has a global portfolio of sites and suppliers located around the world. How can you identify the full range of risks that could undermine continuity and profit across all of these locations? Are earthquakes a greater risk for your operations situated in Chile or in India? Is the threat posed by the possibility of civil unrest in Thailand less than that in France? What is the outlook for government stability and labour standards violations in key production locations in South-East Asia? These are just a few of the factors companies must consider to build business resilience at a global scale.

Our tailored resilience solutions draw on a unique portfolio of 150+ political, human rights, economic and environmental risks indices. These analytics help users understand risks consistently across company operations and supply chains. This is complemented by in-depth analysis from our experts on emerging risks and developing issues in key locations. Together these provide the actionable insight your company needs to successfully anticipate and adapt to changing environments.


  • Identify and compare business continunity and resilience risks across your global portfolio of sites, assets and suppliers

  • Strategically evaluate 150+ risks and focus on the critical resilience challenges that are unique to your business

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  • Prioritise the highest risk locations and assess alternative scenerios by using the tool to compare locations

  • Draw on third-party country risk assessments from an expert global team of analysts to gain an independent view of your risk

  • Build a shared understanding of resilience challenges across multiple business units and functions

  • Engage with our 60+ country and issue experts who will answer specific questions on the key risks impacting your business

Key features

  • Multi-user dashboard

    User-centric platform generates comparable risk exposure data tailored to requirements

  • Mapping platform

    High resolution intelligence for terrorism and piracy events

  • Customised analytics

    Adjust risk weightings and add performance data to create company specific risk metrics

  • Expert Analysis

    Horizon scanning and in-depth insights into country/site level risks from 60+ experts

If you'd like a demonstration, or to discuss our data, please get in touch:

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