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Framing the issue

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The EU countries experiencing a rise in modern slavery risks

Modern slavery risks have risen in nearly three quarters of the 28 member states of the European Union over the last year.

Sourcing economies such as China, India, Brazil and Nigeria all stay in the extreme and high risk categories of 2017 update of our Modern Slavery Index (MSI), but the traditionally lower risk EU is where modern slavery risks have increased most over the reporting period.

Risks in the EU have increased as law enforcement authorities have struggled to prevent a growing number of modern slavery and trafficking violations.

The five EU countries posing the highest risk are Romania, Greece, Italy, Cyprus and Bulgaria – key entry points for migrants who are extremely vulnerable to exploitation.

Romania has deteriorated more than any other country globally. Weak enforcement and evidence of severe forms of forced labour, such as servitude and trafficking, result in Romania falling 56 places in the ranking to 66th highest risk.

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