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Climate Innovation Indexes

Maplecroft Climate Innovation Indexes

Climate change is one of the key business and economic issues of our time. Companies that successfully innovate and manage climate-related opportunities and risks are better equipped to operate in this future growth environment. Maplecroft's Climate Innovation Indexes identify companies best-positioned to take advantage of these new opportunities due to their disruptive innovations and partnerships.

The Maplecroft Climate Innovation Indexes (CIIs) include:

  • The Maplecroft CII Benchmark (Bloomberg ticker: CICOMP)
    c.346 of the largest US companies screened from c.1,300 companies
  • The Maplecroft CII Leaders (Bloomberg ticker: CII)
    The 100 top performing companies from the Maplecroft CII Benchmark
  • The Maplecroft CII US 100 (Bloomberg ticker: CI100)
    The 100 largest US companies by free-float market capitalisation

The three Maplecroft Climate Innovation Indexes (CIIs) provide investors and stakeholders with insight into the activities of leading US companies and address the compelling case for climate-related innovation and carbon management as leading indicators of future financial performance. The CIIs provide asset managers with reliable and objective benchmarks to help manage sustainability portfolios and/or create innovative and high-performing tradable indexes.

Since their launch in January 2010, the financial performance of the CIIs has been impressive. Maplecroft believes that this performance should be attractive to investors and reflects the CII's:

  • Focus on innovation
    Identifies companies that embed climate-related innovation in their operations and value chains and those that are creating unique disruptive innovations in order to generate sustained competitive advantage in the future growth environment
  • Unique high sector diversification and focus on US stocks
    Protects against industry volatility and capitalises on opportunities in the low-carbon economy

Maplecroft is a signatory to the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment.

Email for more information. Maplecroft invites engagement from those interested in becoming a CII licensee.
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