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This Thursday, has assembled a panel of experts to discuss the issue of responsible mining and whether the steps being taken to introduce more sustainable business practices are making a difference.

Maplecroft’s Gus Macfarlane will be answering questions, together with: Greg Valerio, founder of CRED Jewellery; Claire White, who works on the ICMM's Social and Economic Development Program and the Sustainable Development Framework, , head of ; Dorothée Gizenga, executive director of the ; and a member of the World Gold Council’s Responsible Gold team.

The discussion will be tackling issues such as how to legislate for small-scale artisanal mining operations, the impact of the Dodd-Frank act, and the effectiveness of industry-led approaches, such as the Kimberley Process and the recently launched Conflict-Free Gold Standard.

If you are interested in taking part, the discussion is scheduled for Thursday 13th December, between 14:00-16:00 GMT via the comments section of the blog (see for details).

Maplecroft recently released the Conflict Minerals Report analysing the risks for companies sourcing minerals from DR Congo and neighbouring states.
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