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Sector Risk Calculator™

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The Sector Risk Calculator™ is a new concept incorporating the latest Verisk Maplecroft Risk Calculator technology. The high-tech tool enables companies and investors to select and compare 10 sector risk indices to create custom scorecards that quantify risk for all geographies worldwide. Sectors include chemicals, construction and engineering, electric utilities, food products, machinery, metals and mining, oil and gas, paper and forestry, transportation and wireless communications.

Verisk Maplecroft designed this functionality to provide users with an understanding of both risk exposure and risk mitigation proficiencies. It also allows comparison with peers and alignment of your own activities with stakeholder and investor concerns.

Each scorecard can be quickly assembled to include country risk information specific to your business and sector. It also includes global maps for each risk index and an option to export risk data to spreadsheet format.

Sector Risk Indices

The objective of the Sector Risk Indices is to combine Verisk Maplecroft's extensive country risk datasets with in-house expertise and dedicated research on sector-specific risks that affect companies worldwide, enabling users to visualise individual risks through a sector lens.

Advanced custom versions of the Sector Risk Calculator™ are available to companies on request. Features for such users include the ability to overlay multiple layers of company and supplier risk management information, sector risk scores, product risk scores, spend or revenue information and even stakeholder viewpoints.

Try the Sector Risk Calculator™