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Country/Sovereign Risk Calculator™

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Verisk Maplecroft has launched the initial version of its one of a kind online risk assessment tool. This new concept is the first in a series incorporating the latest Verisk Maplecroft Country/Sovereign Risk Calculator technology. This high-tech tool enables companies and investors to select and compare hundreds of country/sovereign risk indices to create custom scorecards that quantify risk for all geographies worldwide.

The Country/Sovereign Risk Calculator is easy to use, it quickly generates a vast wealth of data and expert risk analysis in a clearly visible way. Trial access to the Country/Sovereign Risk Calculator is available, but limits business users to a selected set of indices and countries. Paying subscribers have access to over 100 risk indices for more than 200 countries and additional features such as the ability to save configurations. Subscribers will also benefit from additional upgrades as they become available. Over the coming weeks Verisk Maplecroft will add further mapping applications, sector and sub national versions as well as enterprise risk management proficiency ratings.

The Country/Sovereign Risk Calculator™ has been developed by Verisk Maplecroft in response to client requests to build instant risk profiles for operations, supply chains, distribution networks and investment portfolios. It draws on Verisk Maplecroft's extensive vault of more than 500 political, economic, social and environmental risk indices and indicators to create a bespoke country risk scorecard; providing instant awareness of risk exposures for any country worldwide. Each scorecard can be quickly assembled to include country risk information specific to your business and sector requirements. It also includes global maps for each risk index and an option to export risk data to Microsoft Excel format.

The Country/Sovereign Risk Calculator™ is an easy and effective means of quantifying global enterprise risk that saves an organisation time and resources. It allows users to quickly build risk profiles that fit their own interests rather than searching for data across our different risk atlases. Future editions of the calculator will include additional graphical outputs and enhanced country-comparison tools.

Advanced custom versions of the Country/Sovereign Risk Calculator™ are already available to companies on request, showcasing work with longstanding business partners. Features for such users include the ability to overlay multiple layers of company and supplier risk management information, sector risk scores, product risk scores, spend or revenue information and even stakeholder viewpoints.

Verisk Maplecroft designed this functionality to provide users with an understanding of both risk exposure and risk mitigation proficiencies. It also allows comparison with peers and alignment of your own activities with stakeholder and investor concerns.

Try the Country/Sovereign Risk Calculator