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Corruption Risk Briefings

Corruption Risk Briefings analyse major corruption risks affecting countries at both national and provincial levels.

The briefings focus on the effectiveness of the domestic legislative framework in tackling corruption, the prevalence of corruption in government and the public and private sectors, and the highest risk sectors of the economy. By so doing, the briefings assess the risk of complicity in corruption in countries where a business operates or that feature in its value chain.

The 20+ page briefings provide in depth analysis, risk indices and trends, country overviews, case studies, detailed corruption statistics and a breakdown of anti-corruption laws and the ratification of international conventions.

Guidance is also provided on what steps multinational companies can take to reduce their exposure to corruption when operating in high-risk countries. This guidance is in line with the requirements of international anti-corruption standards and enables companies to comply with extraterritorial legislation, including the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and the UK Bribery Act.

Corruption Risk Briefings are available on demand for all countries and can be tailored to client needs with sector specific maps and analysis.

Details of costings for the Corruption Risk Briefings can be found online at the Verisk Maplecroft Store, once logged in. Alternatively request by emailing

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